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"Membership & Retention"

1. Place mouse over form and click for on-line order form.
2. The on-line form may be used for both men and women purchases.
3. Locate the cap you want  to purchase.        4. Follow the instructions on the form.
5. Remember to save and print your order form, as it is your receipt for personal records.    

801 North Front Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123  

Member Shopping and Supplies

Open and print this form to order Maryland FRA plates. Mail it to:

Fleet Reserve Association
Attn: Penny Collins
Organizational Plates
125 N. West Street
Alexandria, Va 22314-2754

By Laws and Standing Rules

NOTE: Click on form to View, Download and/or Print. 

All applications can be submitted to 125 N. West Street Alexandria, VA 22314-2754 * Phone: 703-683-1400 Toll-Free: 1-800-FRA-1924 * www.fra.org

"Public Relations"

Committee Reports & Manuals for Committee Members

"Branch Applications/Documents"

Change of Contact Information Form:
1. Click on form to access PDF Form
2. Fill in the requested information.
3. Print form and give/send to Branch 182 Secretary or send to FRA Member Services.
4. Correct Information is needed for Correspondence and Branch News.
5. Member's required to have current address on file with Branch & National Headquarters.
7. Your attention is greatly appreciated. 

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"Triangle Branch 182"

"Branch Administrative Manual"

"FRA Renewal/Reinstatement Form"

"FRA Member Contact Information Update"

"East Coast Region"

"Membership Wallet Application"

Administrative FRA/Branch Documents

"Veteran Service"

1. Click on document to see what items other Branches are selling.

Membership Applications


1. In order to download or print click on "Order Form", and follow directions.

2. If order is being placed by any Branch Member, the order must be paid for in advance. This is to allow the Branch Secretary and Branch Treasurer time to record an accurate account of all monetary transactions conducted by the Branch and National Headquarters

"FRA Items To Order From HQ"

"Items For Sale By Branches"

"Central Liaison Committee"

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"Fleet Reserve Association"

"Maryland FRA License Plate"


"Hospitals, Welfare, & Rehabilitation"

"FRA Life Membership Application"

"FRA Americanism Essay Cover Sheet"

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"Keystone Uniform Cap"

"Membership Full Application"