Why Should I Join?

When you join FRA, you are adding your voice to an association that works tirelessly to preserve and enhance pay, benefits, and quality-of-life programs for all of its members and their families and communities.
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​You will also enjoy a host of individual benefits, including:

COMMUNITY: FRA has over 220 branches where you can meet with other members, discuss local issues, and be involved in your community. Click here to locate a nearby branch.
PERTINENT INFORMATION: Members receive FRAtoday, our monthly magazine, and a weekly e-newsletter of legislative events as they occur, including information on what you can do to support (or thwart) them.
EXPERTS: FRA has the expertise to give you straight answers on a broad range of military and veterans’ issues, including DoD and VA health care concerns and benefits, retirement, pay structure, survivor benefits, and much more.
SCHOLARSHIP: FRA provides more than $100,000 in undergrad and graduate scholarships annually to members and their families.

Let your voice be heard: action.fra.org
Additional benefits click here.

If yes, then you are eligible to join and let your voice be heard!



We want You!.



Quick Ways to join or renew your current membership:

*On-line: www.fra.org (Go to Membership and Join FRA)
*Telephone: 1-703-683-1400 or Toll Free 1-800-FRA-1924
*FRA App: On a Smartphone download under “Play Store”, search FRA.
*Mail: Complete a membership application and mail.  Click here.
*In person:  Please visit us at one of our branch meetings or Contact Us.


Triangle Branch 182 Membership as of May 2024 

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​​​Phone: 1.207.751.3513

Email:  fra.branch.182@gmail.com

Are you a Active Duty, Reserve, Retired, or Veteran member of any of the branches below ?   




Existing Members


The FRA has the “Moving Forward” campaign which includes different programs that gives a member incentives to recruit/reinstate members.  These programs include the following:

Recruit 3 Program
Recruit 5 Program
Recruit 10 Program
Recruit 24 Program

For more information on these programs or on recruiting please see www.fra.org or contact our Branch Secretary.

Branch Meetings:

We need YOU to attend the Branch Meetings and help support the Branch. This can be done by recruiting, filling positions, chairing committees. This is key for Branch survival – otherwise we risk folding.  If the FRA continues this downward trend – CONGRESS will see this and CUT our hard earned benefits. The FRA FIGHTS for all of us, we need to fight for the survival of the FRA!!!!!

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

FRA gives voice to all current and former US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel. Founded to represent the interests of the enlisted.  Today FRA's legislative advocacy covers all sea service personnel and their families - and we need your support to help us be even more effective.

To join FRA, you must certify that you meet the eligibility requirements of being a current or prior member of the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard, and that you can produce proof of service. Examples include Military ID Card, VA issued ID Card or Health Care, Veteran ID Card, Veteran Designation on a Driver's license or State Veteran ID Card or DD214. ​

FRA members get up-to-date information on:
Health care
Education benefits and enhancements
Veterans' service benefits
Survivor benefits
and much more!

A unique username and a password are required to create your membership online. FRA membership dues are as follows:

1 year for $40
2 years for $75
2 Year Centennial Special $64 for NEW members:1st year $24, 2nd year $40 Must be made in a Single payment.
5 years for $180​

Life membership application and rates can be found here.

To pay membership dues by allotment, please call:

Coast Guard

Navy and Marine Corps
Active Duty and Reserves